The C & O Flow

Take a trek along the C & O canal to Great Falls (Potomac, Maryland) this summer, with a little mindful movement along the way.  We'll hike, bike, and breathe our way through the trails and asanas alike.  If you're signing up for this mini-adventure, be essential, and pack light. 

*Note:  We generally prefer optimal weather conditions, thus, our meet-ups are impromptu and almost exclusively during the summer season.  "How Will I Know About The Next C&O Flow?!"  A post will go out on instagram @tanomaziyoga within 48 hours of the Next C&O Flow, so keep your eyes peeled and your wheels ready!  The meet-ups are on Sundays at 9am in Georgetown at the Key Bridge Boathouse - we roll out at 9:30am SHARP!


A Brief History

Construction began on the canal in 1828 - it operated from 1850 to 1924 (a damaging flood destroyed it beyond repair).  The C&O Canal is blessed with an extraordinary collection of physical evidence of its rich history. Within the park can be found over 1,300 historic structures in various states of repair, ranging from sublime (the Paw Paw Tunnel) to ordinary (culverts) and from elaborate (Ferry Hill Plantation House) to rustic (over two dozen lock-houses). Floods, neglect, and even looting have taken their toll over the years. Even so, fully 5 percent of all historic structures within the entire National Park System are located in the C&O Canal National Historical Park.

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