In the spring of 2008, TanO took his first yoga class.  It was not a life changing experience.  However, he continued to take classes throughout the DC area and as his practice grew more consistent, something started to shift.  TanO began to evolve physically, mentally, and even spiritually.  After spending a 'life changing' week at a Synergy Yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico, back in 2009, TanO set a goal to become a certified yoga instructor.  In March of 2010, he found a home at a local yoga studio serving part-time at the front desk.  Here is where TanO's journey into teaching began.

TanO taught his very first yoga class in September of 2010.  It was the most scary, exciting, and fulfilling experience ever - and in that moment, he had discovered a new path.  TanO completed his 200hr certification in 2012.  Since that time, TanO has devoted himself fully to the life practice of yoga.  TanO has led and/or participated in several yoga events,programs, trainings, and workshops through the years which have all allowed him to evolve exponentially as a student, teacher, and human being.  Some of his most rewarding work has come through youth yoga programs in public and charter schools as well as various community outreach and healthcare organizations.

TanO's classes are energetic and interactive, playful and powerful.  TanO is an extra-ordinary being who values honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility.



I AM that (So hum)

"Today I will accept people, situations, circumstances, and events as they occur.  I will know that this moment is as it should be, because the whole universe is as it should be."  -Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success


my story

Born in Washington, DC, I grew up in the hood, as it were, in a time and space that seems far, far away from where I am today.  It was a time when playing outside was the norm as there were no such things as the internet, social media, smartphones, or even selfies for that matter (not that I have anything against these marvels of the human mind).  To have lived in those times and to now be living in the age of unlimited access to excess, I've gained a strong sense of just how illusory and impermanent our made-up world truly is.   

As a kid, I played hard and was extremely passionate about such things as art, sports, entertainment, and the outdoors.  When I wasn't sketching faces, playing my favorite sports, riding coaster brake bicycles, or simply marveling at nature itself, I was posted up in front of the TV, memorizing and mimicking all of my favorite TV show themes, characters, and commercials alike.  I had a serious fondness for music, dancing, and - of course - singing - which came a bit later.  I was equally enamored by, and in love with FOOTBALL & FILMS (MOVIES) - which pretty much sums up the kind of "me" that I was way back when.   

When I reminisce about the past, I remember being ALL IN with just about anything and everything - that is, ALL IN with the things that did not require much in the way of vulnerability and trust.  I grew up in an environment that had no place for such silly ideas, and while there was utility in being hard and tough, it left a lot to be desired as I grew older.  Today, that same kid who had more than enough talent to be a pro football star, or a notable film actor, or even a top recording artist, is now sharing the practice of being vulnerable and trusting with countless others through the art, the spirit, and the practice of yoga.