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The Foundations of Flow and the Art of Upside Down workshops will both return this fall/winter.  For more info, visit


At the invitation of a dear friend and devoted student, TanO returned to Mexico [ last spring ] for the first time in 10 years - this time, as a yoga teacher. The Solana Writer’s Retreat, held annually in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, offers an escape from our daily routines and provides a haven for writers in a vibrant, colorful, and culturally rich environment. Stay tuned as the details for the 2020 Solana Writer’s Retreat will soon be revealed.

summer/fall 2019

It’s Back!! The C&O Flow is a semi-impromptu mini-adventure along the C&O Canal which ultimately ends at Great Falls. From there, you will have the option to hike or simply chill, before heading back down the canal to whatever awaits you.

How Can I Join the Ride?

Simple. Join the C&O Flow WhatsApp group and you will receive alerts for the next ride. The meet ups are generally on Sundays & Fridays at 9am at Fletcher’s Boat House - we ride out at 9:30am. There will be breaks along the way for some play, flow, and to appreciate the features of the canal. Be sure to BYOS (Bring Your Own Snacks) as well as plenty of water!

the little ashram in anacostia

It’s fascinating to observe myself … while watching how we bask in the luxuries and privileges that we’ve inherited from our elders. My current home (an early 20th Century build) is the epitome of inheritance. Sure - it’s old, creaky, and it needs a lot of work but it’s foundation is strong, and it has a lot of character. This house has been in our family since 1977, thanks to my grandparents. Through the years, there have been many discussions (arguments) about the things that they got wrong - things that have taken a great toll on our family. It’s rather easy to point fingers at the past without having a full appreciation of it’s complexities and challenges. Today, we choose to honor my grandparent by focusing on something that they got right - something that we can continue to build on together. 





TMYOGA (known as tanOMazi YOGA) has been serving the DC metro area (and beyond) for more than 8 years.  From the asanas, meditation, & satsangs, to life skills, volunteer work, and community outreach, TMYOGA's mission is to simply serve.